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Hello Alex,

Some of those symptoms sound very much like die-off symptoms (such as rash) so maybe you do have it…

The protocol outlines when you should add in antifungals and probiotics.

“Two weeks from the day you actually start the diet (depending on how your treatment has progressed at the time), you could test a natural probiotic, specifically homemade kefir or homemade yogurt – if you start one of these at that time, you should definitely use homemade products only and not a commercial type of yogurt or commercial premade kefir.

Then two weeks later, or four weeks after finishing the detox or of starting the diet, you can test commercially purchased organic non-sweetened Greek yogurt. Oikos and Fage are two excellent brands of organic Greek yogurt.”

“Three or four days after starting a homemade kefir or yogurt, you can start taking a probiotic capsule. Or, if you prefer not to eat the homemade kefir or yogurt, you can start the probiotic ten days after you’ve started the diet- but this is only providing you are taking Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate.

If you order probiotics over the Internet be sure to request that your order be shipped in an optional ice pack for protection and when you receive them, they should all be kept in a refrigerator for storage.”

“You can start taking one antifungal of your choice about two weeks after you started the detox period, then exchange that one for another one unless you chose coconut oil. If so, you can simply add a second antifungal to the regimen. You would need to alternate the antifungals every two weeks, otherwise, the Candida albicans may adapt to one that’s used for an extended period.”

If you want to try out more foods, buckwheat and oat bran are good options. These both are prebiotic foods. Foods high in FOS also contain prebiotics and these include:

-oat bran
-inulin (aka miracle fiber)
-Chickory coffee