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alexparginos wrote: alright able, thanks, although in the protocol i dont see anything about prebiotics. should i take my probiotics with any prebiotics? are they necesery? also able i dont take supplements for the last 2 days, oonly vitamin c, also frying my eggs is it bad? and what about eating 10 eggs a day i asked you fried eggs i am talking about. is fried eggs toxic?

Hi Alex,

Prebiotics feed good bacteria (probiotics). You can google for the type of foods which are good prebiotics. Oat bran is one of them. Buckwheat as well. Nothing is necessary, but if you want the good bacteria to stay and thrive and be strong to fight candida for you, then you need to feed it right. It’s like anything else in life. You must take care of it to thrive.

You can prepare your eggs however you want. Fry, bake, boil, poach etc.

10 eggs is a bit much. I would knock it down to 6 or so.