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Hey, So I’m not sure exactly what caused it but I had terrible die off today. I just got home from work which I left early because it was so bad. Luckily it was my old job and it was probably my last shift there. In addition to the small reaction to the dash of curry powder (containing red pepper) I had yesterday, I also sprinkled some cumin on my tongue this morning and I think I’m allergic to it, but it was even less than the curry reaction. I had 3 tsp of coconut oil last night because I didn’t get your reply until after I had already taken it. I had about 1oz of chicken in my salad today because I was craving it and haven’t had chicken or salmon in probably 10 days. Besides all that, I had a normal day with food. Lots of avacado, broccoli, romaine, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini. Do you think the tiny amounts of spices were a big setback and the die off is related to that? Or could it be the rhutabaga from yesterday still affecting me? Or both? Is there any way of finding out how long the antifungal effects of different foods/supplements last? I’d be interested in that because it would make things less confusing. How do these allergic reactions to foods affect my treatment (and is red pepper an allergic or feeding issue?)? Raster commented when I had a reaction to spinach that it was an allergic reaction due to leaky gut and that it wasn’t feeding the infestation, but things like this definitely seem to throw everything off balance, and I’m wondering how and why, and to what extent. I’m planning on taking my probiotic later as suggested, unless you have a different recommendation and I catch you before I go to sleep. I don’t have work until 5 tomorrow, so hopefully my body can recoup. Let me know what you think about all of this.