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So, here’s an update. I ordered chicory root coffee last night and went grocery/supplement shopping today. Finally restocked my bitters. Tried some rhutabaga about a half hour ago and it was amazing. Thanks for the tip. Die off hasn’t been too bad and I’ve had a lot more water so far today like you recommended. I still feel like my die offs a little too much for work though, even though it was manageable for a somewhat busy day off. My right hips killing me for no reason lately too. I’m doing good overall I guess, I added celery and cabbage into my regular diet too. I figure I’m gonna cut those and some onions up and package them for the week to put on salads and make it a regular thing. I’ll check back later to see if you have any suggestions on the die-off/probiotic situation. If I didn’t mention, last night was the third night of 3tsp coconut oil since the moldy garlic incident friday, maybe that gives you an idea of where my body’s at. Is it best to have coconut oil all at once or space it through the day? Because I take it all at once to avoid having to take it before work but it doesn’t seem to help. Then when I was on my probiotic, I couldn’t win because I had to take one or the other before work. Well catch ya later,


PS: I had a dash of curry powder today because I wanted to see if I’m allergic and if not, start using it on veggies. I didn’t read the label and it had red pepper in it also. I had a minor reaction. Do you think it’s allergic or candida related? And should it affect my treatment regimen?