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Hello, Day.

So here’s where I’m at.
Supplements: Morning- Vit c with bioflavanoids, milk thistle, calcium magnesium zinc, 250mcg molybdenum, cod liver oil, ecinachea and goldenseal.
Mid day- Biotin, vit e, molebdenum, calcium magnesium zinc.
Night- Vit a, vit d, molebdenum, calcium magnesium zinc, cod liver oil, milk thistle, three tsp of coconut oil.

This looks good. But how much vitamin A, D and how much cal/mag each are you taking?

I haven’t been having as much teas as I’d like because it’s the end of the month and I’m on food stamps, but I’ll be getting a bunch tomorrow (all organic: ginger, red clover, nettle leaf, chamomile). At the beginning of the month I was doing those 3 times a day at least.

I would add more pure water to the daily regimen. I know organic herbal teas are an option, but when it’s a question of which is needed more, it’s always going to be water; the “perfect cleanser.” And even though they’re an option, my gut feeling when I was on the diet was to go with water 99% of the time; so all I had in addition to water was one cup of 100% chicory coffee each morning – which I chose because it’s an excellent prebiotic.

I felt really good yesterday, I went off my probiotic 2 days ago because I had some garlic from a package that had some pieces with some mold 3 days ago (thinking the pieces that looked good would be fine) and it did not go well. I feel like I’m at just the right amount of die off where it is manageable, but I know I need to get back on my probiotic asap.

Couldn’t agree more. Why did you stop taking it? Other than the mold, which I’m not connecting.

Diet- 2-3 avacados a day (sometimes more), and big bowls of a mix of a few of the following: green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, onions, garlic covered in acv, and spiced with allspice, sea salt and cilantro. 3 eggs on the side in the morning. I’ve actually gained weight because I’ve been having so much damn avacado.

Right, that’s one of the foods I always mention in connection with the need to gain weight. Two to three a day was my limit. Lots of fat also, which of course is what gives you the weight gain.

I know they’re healthy but I’m wondering if it’s too much.

Three a day is probably enough. Plus, I know they’re fairly expensive, so you can spend the money on more vegetables.

I have salads at work with romaine, onion, green beans, cucumber, broccoli, and avacado dressed in lemon juice. I’m going to start doing a big lunch salad each day at home with romaine, celery, cucumbers, avacado, onions (haven’t figured out the other veggies yet) and one of the dressing recipes from the forum. Is there anything you would suggest adding in to my diet?

Asparagus (a great prebiotic food choice), cabbage, and rutabaga (an extremely strong antifungal). Any of these prepared any way other than over-cooked. The rutabaga is especially good if you slice it about 1/4 inch thick, brush olive oil on it, and bake it.

Please let me know what you think of my diet, how/when I should reintroduce probiotics..

Again, I’m not sure why you stopped those, maybe I missed something.

Your diet looks perfect if you’ll just add a few more vegetables to the mix; and I would definitely add rutabagas.
The supplements are also right-on. Way to go with sticking to the protocol.