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Just checking in. I made some progress in the past couple of days. Stopped taking coconut oil, and I’ve been back to dosing my probiotic before bed. I got to the point where I didn’t feel like I was going to die when I woke up this morning, and I had some rhutabaga in the afternoon and my die off didn’t spike too bad. The only catch is that I messed up with food again. Yesterday I had a celery stick that I guess wasn’t fresh enough, this morning my microwaved omlette was overcooked (I picked out the part that turned green but it didn’t help), and what really screwed me was the romaine I had with my salad earlier. It said expires on the 7th but I still had a massive reaction. I felt like I was still ahead of the game even after breakfast, but once I had my salad, I had such a bad reaction that I couldn’t do anything but pass out, and I woke up with itchiness and dizziness and more brain fog than usual. I ordered candidate and I got my chicory root yesterday which I’ve been having once or twice a day, I’m just hoping I can find some way to stop making mistakes with food, it’s so hard. If you have any reccomendations on how to do better please let me know. Any idea on how long I should store prepped veggies (diced onions and cucumbers, cut cabbage etc)? It seems like I’m having less problems with foods off the list now and more problems with prepping the ones I need and making sure things are fresh. What did you do as far as your phase one diet? I’ve been thinking about trying to seek some kind of medical help even though Its never helped before, I’m really having trouble making any progress. The frustrating part is that I’ve done really good before and I can’t seem to get back there. Is there any specialty that deals with this type of thing or any resources for medical help besides the regular disbelief and misdiagnosis? I don’t know. I’m giving up hope.