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jennyska wrote: Hi,
I have not been here for a long time, because my symptoms have worsened and I had to look for another help – I had very detailed allergy test taken and here I am – having a hystamine intolerance (quite high) causing some of my symptoms . The hystamine intolerance according to my allergologist is connected to candida albicans ( I couldnt believe a doctor actually knows this and is speaking to me about something I knew for such a long time!).. But back to topic – the hystamine intolerance requires me to have a very specific and strict diet – including mainly veggies like carrots, onions.. well all except for spinach, tomatoes and cucumber. This is a good part.. But the only things left I can consume are : potatoes, pasta, pure milk, cottage cheese, oats, certain fruits, some nuts and some meats (pure and organic, but I do not eat meat.) . The problem is now – how do I combine it ? I can take probiotics and I am taking Bion 3 vitamins (they are pure and quite good). From those foods, which ones do you think can actually help me to fight candida at the same time ? Thank you 🙂

Hi Jenny,
please lets talk a bit more to each other as I got years ago the same diagnose. I couldn’t make anything out of it and all the mixed symptoms drove me nut. Doing the diet against candida, helped maybe getting the candida dying down, but I had my reactions still and I believe these where the histamine overproduction which stresses out my body resulting than later in panic attacks. It would be great to follow you along as I have no idea how to tackle the problem. I tried antihistamine but didnt find much help in them either. Then there are DAO capsules too but I don’t have much experience with it. Hope to hear more from you!