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bigmountain wrote:
I have a new symptom that’s developed over the last 2 weeks… in the form of lung pain, difficulty breathing, and tight chest… I think it may be Pleurisy as I have had an incident in the past with it… but I’m not sure…

Hi bigmountain,

I had same symptoms as my candida symptoms and was hospitalized for it twice but they found nothing. Both my lungs and heart are fine.

On the other hand, since starting diet, chest pains were gone for about month to month and a half, but returned about month ago. During that time I was seeing a doctor for my digestion issues and it was discovered that I have hiatus hernia and erosion from acid being pushed back which causes this pain. I noticed it being worse after garlic, and sometimes kefir buggs me, lemon water. I even get bothered by some of the capsules if I take them on empty stomach so I have my supplements and lemon water with food in the middle of the meal. This helps. Also, having 4-5 smaller meals instead of few big ones (I think it started bothering me more during treatment as I increased the meal size to compensate for lack of calories).

I am not saying you have hiatus hernia but it’s possible that stomach acid causes this symptom. I am not saying you should not go to the doctor either. But try to have a smaller meals more times a day and try not to upset your stomach with taking stuff on an empty stomach and see if this improves or not. Also, if it’s caused by stomach acid, drinking mineral water should calm it down, or just for the sake of test take an antacid and see if the pain goes away.

It’s really amazing how many random things can cause chest pain. I was sure I am having a heart attack or failing lungs several times 🙂 I only recently got my answer to this pain and have been having it since last summer.

Good luck!