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Raster, buddy, man I hate this – I really do. I really thought you were on the verge of announcing that you were completely cured.

I like to break things down into sections when looking for the cause of a problem. So looking at your problem as essentially the return of the leaky gut symptoms, the first thing I would consider is what caused the syndrome in the first place; as you know, the answer to that is the Candida infestation itself since the fungal organism grows roots much like a plant, and the roots literally grow into and through the intestinal wall searching for food. The roots break completely through the intestinal lining causing permeability better known as leaky gut syndrome.
With the original cause in mind, it seems logical to assume that the same thing would cause the return of the syndrome once it has disappeared. So next would be to search for something in your routine that would cause the Candida to reappear in a strong enough force to reinstate the leaky gut syndrome.

In reading the description of your diet in this respect, what stood out for me was rice and potatoes. You wrote, “I was able to reintroduce black/red rice (2-3x per week), potatoes (2x per week) … rice crackers.”

That looks like a total of at least 4 to 5 days out of seven with a serving of starch in your diet. If I were a betting man, which I am, I’d bet a big chunk on these two foods being the basic source of the problem.
The thing is, just because you didn’t receive a reaction at that time from these two foods doesn’t mean that they weren’t slowly feeding the Candida remaining in your system. Sometimes a relapse can happen suddenly after the food is eaten, and other times it can take time in making its effect known.

Believe it or not, I’ve still not introduced any type of rice or potato to my diet, and I don’t plan on doing so at all. They’re foods we all can live without from now on and still remain perfectly healthy, probably even healthier than with them in our diet.

Before I would add another food to my diet, I have to ask myself, why would I want to eat this? For sheer enjoyment? They’re both as bland as anything I’ve ever eaten unless smothered in “something” to give them even a hint of flavor, so I just don’t see the point. I’d much prefer a big serving of garbanzo beans or tasty black-eye peas myself; and beans are something that I still have at least once a day with no hint of a problem.
I hate mentioning this now, but as you probably know, I never added either potatoes or rice to the allowed foods list for this very reason; the way I see it, I may as well add cupcakes on a semi-regular basis if I’m going to eat starches on more days than not. I also never added either of these to phase 2 of the diet for the same reasons. I just don’t see why either would need to be on a health-oriented diet.

I really don’t think it’ll take long for you to get back to where you were, that is unless the symptoms grow worse in the meantime instead of better; so go for it with all you’ve got and prove to yourself that you can do this again easier than you managed the first time.

Good luck.