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In our discussion we forget that many people feel identified with their state before the infestation as the “normal” state of being. Our memories tell us that when I come back to be normal again I will be happy. Today I cant be happy because I am not back in time where is was not thinking about food and diets and meet with all these sick people worrying about their health all the time.

In that way it is quite natural that people dream themselves back into a history which in their mind was much better than this here where we are.

The trouble is only that life is change and we humans dont like that very much. Our rope of happiness is tight to a body back in time where unconsciousness aloud us to eat whatever we wanted and ignorant of what our old diet was doing to our bodies we where happy.

Today we woke up to a reality which is foreign to us, and it is hard to allow ourself to be happy in these new conditions. We are homesick to the old times.

What I am only wondering about is Ables statement:

I think once you have an infestation as powerful as a Candida overgrowth it leaves your body in a completely different condition than when it was originally contracted. In most respects, most people are in better health in one respect because hopefully we’ve rebuilt our immune system during the treatment, but the overgrowth (I believe) leaves the intestines damaged to a degree that makes them susceptible to the same type of infestation for an indefinite period of time.

I heard that the body is re-building itself. That after about 7 years a heavy smoker has a nice and clean lung again. Even our skeleton is totally changed after 13 years. The liver is renewing given good conditions in a much quicker time. (sorry I forgot) Why should not the intestines are being healed totally providing that we dont harm them all the time?