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I am not planning on returning to the way I ate in the past never more in my life even when I felt great for 40 years.
I had an steel health before to take the MF antibiotics. Trust me, I know the diet I had was nothing healthy, however, I was almost never sick, perfect blood works, strong like a horse, athlete, worker, excellent memory, no complains.
Later, after got sick, I learned how bad my diet was, however, I was healthy.

Anyway, the problem with candida is people want to be “normal” and no afraid of going out an have dinner in a restaurant, drink a fruit juice, a beer, or having a social life with friends without be worried about what you put in your mouth. I don’t want to live the rest of my life in this isolation. I haven’t accepted a new sentimental relation because I can not go out to a night club and have some drinks. It has my life totally stopped. I feel it is a just aspiration to do what you want without having in your mind you have a monster growing inside. I can not be afraid of having a cup of ice cream one day. If have to live this way, my life is over. Life is only one and have a few pleasure, one of them is enjoying a good plate, to have some social drinks (normally). We are prisoner of a life style. It is not something we have choose but something obligated.

There is a big difference when we say ” I don’t want to eat that because isn’t healthy ” and ” I can not eat that because candida will feed on it “

Please, guys, I totally agree with a healthy diet but I recognize an strict candida diet is miserable and no the healthiest diet in the world even when is better than junk food.

Please, we all deserve to do with our life what we want and should respect everyone aspirations. I wish ALL you my partners in this battle FREEDOM of this monster.

Freedom of this evil, and later eat what make you happy and enjoy life.