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If you consider yourself “cured” from your Candida overgrowth, doesn’t that mean that you can have a diet like your typical North Americaner and not experience symptoms? If not, it’s not so much a cure as it is a lifelong-prevention or a workaround.

Using the very same logic, you could say that once you’ve had the flu and you’re now cured, then you should never have to worry about contracting the flu again, otherwise, you can’t really say you’re cured. Is this what you mean? Would you allow someone with the flu to drink from your glass or eat with your fork just because you’ve been ‘cured’? This is the logic of your question.

So with having a Candida infestation, if you use that logic, then you have to also agree that you were never in a ‘cured’ state before you contracted the infestation since the diet you’re talking about going back to is the very one that contributed to the infestation in the first place.
How can you expect a diet that contributed to a problem once not to do the same thing a second or third time? Because that’s basically what you’re saying.

Do you know why our bodies become susceptible to repeat infections after we get one? (e.g. Athlete’s Foot)?

I think once you have an infestation as powerful as a Candida overgrowth it leaves your body in a completely different condition than when it was originally contracted. In most respects, most people are in better health in one respect because hopefully we’ve rebuilt our immune system during the treatment, but the overgrowth (I believe) leaves the intestines damaged to a degree that makes them susceptible to the same type of infestation for an indefinite period of time. That’s my theory by the way, I didn’t find that in a research journal.