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Javizy wrote:

a diet like your typical North Americaner

Is this really something to aim for? It may be considered “normal”, yet it’s the single most important factor in the epidemic of degenerative disease in affluent nations. If you did completely cure candida and return to this diet, you’d soon be worrying about something else that would likely have an even greater impact on your health. A third of Americans have metabolic syndrome!

I think a cure should mean you’re able to treat yourself once in a while and not stick to such a limited set of foods, but the standard American diet is something that should be forgotten fast. The good thing about the candida diet is that it forces you to adjust your eating habits and lifestyle towards health on a long-term basis, so it’s easier to continue maintaining it, perhaps with the occasional latte and muffin thrown in. It’s gotta be better than slowly falling apart, having a mind like a sieve and looking like crap like the majority of the population now ends up doing.

You are totally correct. I believe the only good thing candida brought to me is knowledge about good nutrition. I was totally ignorant before. I abused of white refined sugar all my life without knowing how terrible is for health. The thing is candida don’t allow you to incorporate almost anything out of the diet. This is the point. For instance, I love rice and grew up eating it everyday. I have more than a year that I don’t touch a grain. Fruits, legumes, beans, cheese, milk, etc

I don’t plan to come back to junk food, but god, there are a lot of things that I will love to eat that aren’t junk food but feed candida. This is the point ! And, Why not a couple of beers or some wine occasionally ?? We are human after all and still alive. !If we get this point, that is it !!!
I am praying we all can get this chance again some day.