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Hello, Katy.

Actually, when I was in the Navy I was able to squeeze in a few classes on Health Education while studying for my Graduate Certificate in Security Management. But since getting out I’ve taken courses in human anatomy and horticulture.

When I saw this question today I remembered something you posted yesterday in the other forum that I never replied to, it was this: “Do you not ever think about going into the alternative medicine field professionally? Or is it actually already tied to what you do? Hope you don’t think I’m being nosey.”

I don’t think you’re being nosey at all, and yes, I’ve thought about this field as an alternative profession, but it would be impossible. First, I would need many more courses to be able to do this for pay. Second, there is no way I would ever give up my current career, it’s too important to me and it took quite a while to become established and respected in my field. So anyway, having the two professions means I would have to literally split my focus and dedication between two different jobs, and unfortunately there’re not enough hours in the day for me to do that to the degree I would insist on. So what I do is view my career as the actual job that caters to the necessity for money, and the other as a well loved hobby.