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Hello, Katy. Of course I don’t mind you asking about the food you’re eating.

The foods you named are below along with my opinion about each.

Quinoa: I would eat this only two or three times a week.

Buckwheat: I see no problem with this.

Bread (currently making with buckwheat flour, flaxseed meal, baking soda, cream of tartar, sea salt, coconut powder, eggs, olive oil and a dash of stevia)
No problems with the bread that I can see.

Oat cakes (ingredients are oatmeal, extra virgin olive oil, dulse sea vegetable, sodium bicarbonate, cracked black pepper, sea salt)
If the oat cakes contain regular oatmeal, you should leave this out of your diet. May I ask, do you make this yourself and if so, why do you add sodium bicarbonate?

Blueberries (small portions only a few times a week)
I know that I originally wrote that it should be alright to eat these a few times a week, but I would leave them completely out of the diet for the time being as blueberries do contain a simple sugar in the form of fructose. I’m sure others would disagree with me, but I’m only saying this because you’re still not seeing any real improvements.

Organic Greek yoghurt: I see no problem with the yogurt.

Sweet potato (About one a week); I would leave this out of the diet for the time being.

Brown lentils (protein for my salad about once to twice a week);
If I’m correct, brown lentils are fairly low in carbs, if this is true, I see no problem with having them once or twice a week.

You stated that you’re taking one tablet of Caprylic acid a day. Is this actually in tablet form or capsule? I would be sure to purchase the capsules and not the tablets. You can also increase the amount of these every few days as it is not unusual for a person with Candida to take up to six capsules a day. However, if you really want to combat the Candida with this supplement, the pure organic coconut oil will work much better to benefit your purpose, or you can take both. With the oil, you can use it in cooking, but the best way to obtain it is in its pure form as in a teaspoon or tablespoon. You can work up to as many as 10 to 14 tablespoons a day.

Your greatest hold up in seeing less or milder symptoms is more than likely the probiotic if you’re not taking one. Unless I’m mistaken, you were going to wait until you returned to the UK to purchase this? If so, then this is probably why you’re seeing no improvements. If you can make or purchase kefir there in Bahrain you can try this as it contains a lot of the beneficial bacteria.

You can probably be a little more lenient with the diet once you’ve been on the probiotics for a week or two.