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Katy Gillett
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Oops sorry Able. I thought I’d mentioned this product in a previous post to you. I think with the words ‘Candida Cleanse’ on it also, I assumed it would do the job and anything dubious could be similar to ThreeLac having yeast in it. I am an avid label reader but this is why I get so confused about what we can and can’t have because just as I think I’ve got it, I find out a surprising item we’re actually allowed or not.. Anyway I’m definitely getting better with this. I hear confusion is a symptom of Candida anyway haha (certainly one of mine!)…

I’m glad you told me about the Kyolic though because I woke up panicking last night and have an anxious chest today so I’m guessing that’s why. I’ll be happy when I can get my hands on some Grape Bitters.

Thanks for the tips on taking coconut oil and kefir.. I’ll start with the coconut oil seeing as I don’t have an antifungal at present. Those die-off symptoms certainly put me off though! Only 3 more days of work left though then I can feel as ill as I like hah!

I’ll see about the chillies.. I want to try out a Thai green chicken curry recipe from Jamie Oliver (with minimal chillies of course!) but don’t want anything else to compromise my diet right now.. I guess I’m pretty much back where I started at the moment. But at least I’m more used to this way of life :).

I have been wondering Able… How many eggs did you/do you eat in a day? Were you not worried about the cholestorol levels in your diet? Or is this another myth you’re about to dispel for me? 🙂