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Katy Gillett
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Hi Able – thanks for getting back to me on this.. and so quickly!

I will adjust my diet accordingly… I’m so glad you said my bread is ok – that made my day and everything else is simple! 🙂 I didn’t make the oat cakes myself so I can’t answer you about the sodium bicarbonate but it does seem strange now you mention it. Luckily these aren’t something I’ve been eating for long.. The same with the sweet potatoes and blueberries so not too much damage done!

I do know a place where they sell organic kefir so I will get that asap. How many times a day should I have this and the organic Greek yoghurt to be getting an alright amount of probiotics until I get more in the UK?

The caprylic acid is a tablet and unfortunately they don’t sell it here in Bahrain. My mum actually sent these out last year from the UK and these were the only ones she could find but I do know a shop that has capsules (in UK) as I’ve taken them before. For now I’ll go and get some pure organic coconut oil and have that. As of tonight I’ve also switched from the caprylic acid tablet to these Kyolic Candida Clease capsules I have. so I’ll take 4 of those a day alongside as many spoonfuls of coconut oil I can handle!

I realise I have another food related question that I’ve read confusion about.. what about chillies? I’ve heard they are so good for you but then read that they destroy the beneficial bacteria in our guts when we’re trying to repopulate during a battle with candida. Which is true?

Thanks again Able.