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Thanks, raster! I’m surprised the spit test isn’t valid test for candida since it seems like so many sites including Body Ecology advocate this is a cheap and quick way to test for it. I had no idea. I do have symptoms of candida overgrowth namely in the form of progressively worse food allergies. Started with gluten three years ago and eliminated it and then had to progressively cut out soy, dairy, MSG, all additives, and eat organic – and sometimes I still reacted to foods high in histamine. I have leaky gut and probably it resulted from multiple rounds of steriod creams and antibiotics plus from being on the Pill for years. I am seeing a doctor in December (one who leans toward holistic therapy) so I am hoping she can help me confirm it and make sure I am on the right track.

I am curious about what didn’t work for you for spirulina. It seems to cause bad die off reactions in me when I take just one but I am not sure if that is the cause – so I am careful to take it as little as possible. I am also starting on a different antifungal tomorrow called Nutracraft Parasite Clear in case I have a parasite in my gut. For probiotics I currently take Threelac powder once per day and Jo-Mar Labs Pure Form 21 Blend amino acids to assist in digestion. I read some bad things about Threelac so am switching to Maxi 7 million Supreme Advanced Multi Probiotic capsules when they arrive from Amazon. I’m also starting Jarrow Formulas L-Arginine amino acid to support my immune system and detox my liver.

I wish I had access to a steam room, sauna or hot tub. Infrared sauna costs $20 per session and I am going broke with all of the supplements I am buying. Did I mention the bentonite clay I got too? I figure something has got to help.

I am gonna look for a sauna or hot tub to detox the die off. I think I get to use the pool and attached hot tub at a hotel near me for free as a result of my gym membership. Thanks for the help!