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If you are avoiding carbs, then this isn’t what the diet is all about…you need carbs to function and be healthy. So I wouldn’t avoid carbs whatsoever, there is more to worry about than carbs.

Sugar occurs naturally in a lot of food items but the trick is not to completely eliminate it, but to reduce the amount of sugar you consume. There is no way to completely eliminate sugar in your diet unless you drank water only.

Everything you eat on the diet feeds the candida; its going to live on just about anything you eat strict diet or not…this is something to keep in mind. It just feeds on certain foods less than others.

Exhaustion is pretty typical with candida because your immune system is drained which then drains your adrenals. It takes a long time to recover from adrenal fatigue…it takes years! If you adrenals get too drained then your thyroid gets drained.

Cannabis only partially causes problems; it suppressses the immune system, is a toxic load on your liver, it damages your lungs, drains your adrenals, and messes with your hormones/brain (think brain fog). Its basically another toxin that your body has to process. You can still get better from my experience with cannabis but it takes longer and it slightly sets you back. You could maybe get better 10% faster without it.

There are ways to feel better and it involves eating more foods, getting light exercise (walking), getting some sun on the body, and detoxing the body from the candida toxins. If your digestion is sluggish then it may be hard to feel better because its a re-occurring cycle of food fermenting in the gut.