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You stated that you have ‘acid stomach problems’ … and you’re right about the cause, it is caused by a lack of stomach acids. You might want to try a product called Digestive Grape Bitters, some health food stores have it, but if it’s not in your area you can find it on the Internet. The bitter herbs in this mixture stimulate the receptors on the back of the tongue which then stimulates a nerve that in turn increases the stomach acid. Since all you really need is the stimulation effect, you don’t need to take the full recommended dosage shown on most bottles. Half a dropper full on the tongue is plenty enough to do the job. In fact, taking too large a dose often will cause the berberine in it to kill the flora in your system. The taste isn’t exactly pleasant, but you can start off with mixing a half dropper in a little water if you need to, and you’ll actually get used to the taste after a while. A couple of pills a day of TMG, or trimethylglycine, will not only increase acid in the stomach, but it’ll also protect against deposits in the liver.

A lack of stomach acid, along with a couple of other Candida-friendly changes in your system, is actually a cause of the overgrowth of stomach yeast. By the way, I assume you’re working to build the flora in your system. A good community of the good bacteria will also increase your stomach acidity.

For me, focusing on keeping a good level of stomach acidity, building and supporting a good supply of flora, and of course staying away from sugar and simple carbs were the keys to curing the Candida and preventing it from reoccurring.

Be careful about how much fat and oil you cut out of your diet. If I were going to do that, it would be the meat fats that I’d cut out (that is if I ate red meat) and leave the good oils like coconut and olive oil in the diet.

About the aminos; I remember reading a post by Hope in which she talked about using Bragg Fluid Aminos in place of soy sauce.