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Focus on non-starchy vegetables,seeds and meat to minimize inflammation while avoiding nightshades, nuts, soy, and of course the foods you know you’re allergic to. L-glutamine is an amino acid that your intestines use to regenerate so you can supplement with that. Seacure is another supplement for leaky gut. The herb marshmallow can be used to soothe inflammation in the GI tract. You can “brew” a batch of it by adding 4 tablespoons or so to a jar of cold water and leaving it in the fridge over night. I have read that the lining of the intestines is regenerated every four days so theoretically you could try fasting for that long unless you have a specific health concern. Instead I would suggest eating lightly in general and not eating 3 or 4 hours before bed. Vitamin A in the form of retinal is also necessary for the regeneration of the intestinal lining, as is zinc. I would suggest that you try cod liver oil as it is an inexpensive source of retinal as well as as a great source of omega 3 which will reduce inflammation thus speeding your recovery. Please don’t worry. As long as you focus on eating vegetables and meats the allergic reaction will be minimal. Then, with the help of time and some of these supplements your gut will begin to heal and you won’t suffer from so many food allergies.