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It’s been a month of no cheating. After I eat I bloat but I do eat alot of fiber with the coconut bread and I eat alot of veggies. I eat eggs also. I cut out yogurt, it’s been two weeks, no notice of difference. I have a ferocious appetite constantly but I’ve been like this my whole life. I stabilized at 133 pounds. I only cheated one meal a week but maybe it has kept the Yeast alive and well? My allergies hit me hard today. The pollen is horrible, tight chest, can’t breathe great, clogged nose. I hate spring. I get shots also and still no difference that I can tell. But anyways lol. I still have undifested food in my stool but 75% better then 4 months ago. I just hate the bloating and the weird reflux everyday. So it’s normal to have some type of reflux with yeast overgrowh? I’m getting stressed day by day and more depressed with the bloating. If those two things go away I’d be so happy