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I have my candida under control; however, I have really bad leaky gut. I’m sure if I went off the diet, the candida would come back quickly though. I knew the candida was gone when I felt so good that I would forget to take my antifungals! I’ve been on The Candida Diet for 3 months now and am so excited because on Saturday I ate an egg and had no side effects. Very different from 6 weeks ago, when I ate an egg, got sick, broke out in hives, and took a Benedryl. The diet helps cure leaky gut so stick with it. I can eat buckwheat flour, but not coconut flour. Although I can have whole coconut and even coconut oil, but there’s something about the flour that my body doesn’t like. It’s different for everyone so you’ll just have to play around with different foods. Wikipedia says that some promising studies have been done with berberine and it’s effects on leaky gut. I’ve ordered some but it hasn’t come in yet. Right now I’m just taking 60Bil probiotics, sugar free liquid multivitamin (easy to digest), and milk thistle.