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One thing you should look at is the link between consuming aspartame and gaining weight. You’ll be surprised about how many articles and studies there are on the subject. It would be better to consume the non-diet stuff that contains sugar. Anyways its not a major problem for you right now but don’t play into the mindset that diet means its better.

The times I mentioned drinking diet soda in this update are the only times I’ve had diet soda in years. I generally do not consume obvious poisons. I thought it relevant to point out that aspartame made me feel shitty the couple of times I’ve had it recently because I know Jorge has mentioned in his posts that he drinks diet soda “without problems” and I want people to be getting more well-rounded information.

I’m in Los Feliz aka Little Armenia aka Thai town so I have to keep my eyes closed when I drive around here cuz the temptations are too great. Slowly but surely I can enjoy again, operative word being slowly.

There are some REALLY good restaurants in your area. Le sigh.