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I do enemas as well, alternating between chlorella and garlic/aloe and bentonite however, have also had great success with colonics.

I got a series of 4 in a row (1 a week for 4 weeks) and had a huge improvement in overall bowel function. It was also great having the guidance of someone who knew a lot about the topic of the colon and candida and was able to pick up on how well you’re doing (after 2 weeks on the diet we began to get a lot of dead yeast colonies and even parasitic worms out). I have had severe symptoms though and so upon completing a session the first few times I would be spaced out and need to lie down for the rest of the day.

The colonics with the enemas and some magnesium citrate have my bowels returned to almost normal and for someone with severe Celiacs disease that is a lot.