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One more idea:

What kind of water are you drinking? Are you drinking water solely from the municipal water supply?

I would consider trying purified bottled water. Municipal water supplies contain lead and other minute contantities of carcinogens which could set you back some. I know in places like Arizona and New mexico they use a ton of chlorine and the water is brownish colored. A lot of water contains (natural) bacteria and/or other micro-organisms that live in the pipes. Candida can still live on these. I am lucky to live in a place where we have some of the best water quality in the world…other locations are not as fortunate. Most supermarkets have those water filling up stations where its like really cheap. 2 gallons of other purified water can be about $1.50. It’ll last you a week or so. Make sure it says “pure” and not just filtered, etc. Pure water has different properties than “regular” water.