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Hello Joe,

I am into week 8 of my diet. All I can say is do your best to get as “pure” as possible. Test your body now and then to see whether you get a “reaction” to foods. For instance, try salad dressing. If you still get reaction than continue phase 1. There is also a spit test you can do (spit in water and see how it reacts, if it looks like jelly-fish tentacles, then you still have it).

I am unsure what to do at this point because I am almost there myself where you were at when you posted this. Maybe cut coffee, cigarrettes (if you smoke), vitamin powders, etc. Look at the ingredients for everything you eat and make sure you aren’t feeding it any more. Cut all dairy. Get more exercise if you can. Try things like detox tea, the clay, garlic, etc. Make your liver stronger. Do not cheat on food items. I took 3 supplements that have really helped, maybe consider those. Get plenty of rest as well. Don’t overwork yourself either.

Cut all environmental toxins if possible such as mold, dust, chlorine, chemicals, etc.

The goal is to get your body to the most pure it can get. I do not know what it feels like to finally get to that point yet, but its not far away or out of reach.