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Cut the tomatoes, cut the oats, cut the peppers, cut anything canned, go all organic everything. Don’t eat any yellow, red, or orange vegetables. Are you taking any medications? They may contain ingredients not allowed on the diet. Try quitting these items for a few weeks if you can.

You may also want to quit the beans and go without them for a few weeks to see if you notice any difference. They are allowed during phase 2 of the diet.

Quite possibly eating those foods that one day caused candida to come back. That is unfortunate if its the case. Additionally, seafoods may contain harmful toxins (especially bottom feeders such as crabs, muscles, etc). Non-organic meats contains pharmies that may be harmful to you during the diet. Just tough it out a few weeks-months and buy organic everything (farmer’s markets have cheap veggies). Your health is more important than your pocketbook (while getting over candida).

OH CUT THE SOY MILK! SOY anything is not allowed. This is probably the worst thing that has allowed it to persist. Cut the citric acid if you can also.

Your body may be really worn down to the point it cannot recover quickly. Maybe try acupuncture to get your body more balanced. It really has helped me.