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Everyone’s body is different and it could take longer depending on how ill with candida you are. I am going to do the diet for 5 weeks.

As far as yellow, red, and orange veggies…they contain sugars which make them that color. Tomatoes are specifically not allowed I believe because of the citric acid. Give it a try atleast.

Soy is the top GMO food out there. It is bad because it doesn’t have many healthy properties. GMO foods can alter your genetics and your health (no scientific evidence of this of course). 99% of all soy is genetically modified or non-organic.

Go organic because regular non-organic foods contain pesticides, herbicides, etc that are not helpful or healthy. GMO foods are specifically really bad. Don’t eat anything canned.

Don’t eat any fruits; I only eat blueberries and green apples.

Maybe talk to a naturopathic doctor, dietitian, etc and maybe it is not candida. Candida can cause other health problems/diseases. Also the mercury fillings in your teeth are supposedly bad for candida but I am not going to get into this.

Get really healthy good (organic) yogurt. There is a brand here called “annie’s” yogurt which contains proteins that naturally kill candida.