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Thanks guys. I’m replying to you both here. The ACV I’m using is Braggs raw ACV. I’ve also been using the Braggs Salad dressing. Thoughts? Still a no go? I also mix Inulin in with the tea.
Corn chips- So even just a few of the corn chips with humus, I shouldn’t do that at all?
Jorge- I’ve read so many good things about the GSE. Why do you say I shouldn’t be doing that?
About the steak- I think I’d read something along those lines that I want to keep everything moving. Okay. No more steak.
Raster- I’ve lost 15 lbs since I started this diet. And I didn’t have any fat to lose:/ Bunch of muscle. I had been working out a lot for the year leading up to this diet, and taking a ton of a very sugary protein mix, and drinking a ton of Organic Fruit smoothies. I really think I caused all this to spiral out of control, unknowingly.
So yeah, just hard and expensive to buy all this healthy, organic stuff. What do both of you guys think about the Gluten Free Organic oat bran?? That’s a huge chunk of calories for me, but I’m gonna stop eating it if anyone even suggests that it may be what’s holding me back. ?
Jorge- the almond butter has 1g of sugar per tablespoon- which is what I use in a bowl of oat bran. No go? (I really added it cause I’m just trying to put more calories in my diet. I’ll take suggestions for more calories too!!)
Probiotic- I started out just doing Kefir back in May. Then started with Threelac in August. Switched to Fivelac in September. Added one called PB8- from Nutrition Now- maybe two weeks ago. And then I just got in the mail a new one from Swanson- called Ultimate Probiotic Formula. 66 billion organisms per capsule. Would love if you guys would check it out for me.
Raster- I have no delusion that McDonalds salads and the chicken they use are not FULL of crap! ha ha. It’s just I have waves of completely no energy, and sometimes it’s much easier to go buy a salad:/ But yeah, I’ll probably stop doing them now.
I just ordered the SF722. I’ll look into ashwagandha herb. But please, suggest away if you guys think some other supplements could help.