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Jorge: “The reason you can not take ACV and GSE is the antibacterial activity. Antibiotics are the # 1 cause of this syndrome. You must stop taking antibiotics to overcome it.
If you read ” An Extraordinary Power To Heal ” by Bruce Semon, MD, you will notice how he says the worst offenders are malt and vinegar. Vinegar kills bacteria like any antibiotic. Stop doing that.
GSE is a powerful antibiotic that you must stop. Also, it is no natural at all. It has dangerous preservatives added.
Almond butter, if you don’t react to it, isn’t a problem.”

Im just wondering about this because I have heard from multiple, multiple sources about how ACV is a very good tool to incorporate inn an anti-candida diet and overall health as it differs from the other types of vinegar, however I do not know specifically how…are there any others here with experience or knowledge who can chime in on this?

Also, GSE (I assume grapefruit seed extract?) is also supposed to be a powerful antifungual that I understand will discriminate against the bad bacteria (candida) vs the good bacteria we ingest (probiotics) if anyone has research to support claims in either direction I think we would all be appreciative. Thanks

P.S. Almond butter can often get mold quickly and is best made at home and consumed within a few days when possible.