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Jersey;31166 wrote: Hey guys. I’m 29, and I believe I’ve been suffering with Candidiasis since I was a kid. I’ve had strong anxiety/depression/brain fog as long as I can remember. Around 10 or 11 I started getting foot fungus and few patches of psoriasis, which have never gone way- despite lots of creams and pills. I tried prescription anti-depressants for a few years. What a nightmare. I’ll never go back there again.
So I started the candida diet about 6 months ago, but really thought I would be feeling different by now. My anxiety is so bad, and so I’ve temporarily stepped out of my job. This is the biggest factor for me, and I’m still not able to go back to work. I just want to put a quick list of my daily diet here, and if you guys could let me know if I’m eating anything that may be holding up progress.
First thing in morning- Bottle of water with 2x Candex. Half hour after is AppleCiderVinegar Tea, followed by probiotics.
Breakfast is two servings of Bobs Red Mill Gluten free Oat Bran, with a tblspoon of coconut oil, and tblspoon Almond butter. And Stevia for sweetining. Alive Liquid Multivitamin after eating. Brief cardio exercise.
Around 11am, Large omelet, with Kefir added. A whole pepper(either green,red, or yellow) chopped up, half an onion chopped, and a few cloves of raw garlic added. GSE in Stevia soda with meal, and 2x Candida Clear(Or OLE).
ACV Tea around noon, followed by Probiotics shortly after.
Glass of Kefir in afternoon. More exercise. Lunch is usually a salad. Sometimes a McDonalds salad- prob not good. Snack on Almonds throughout day. Also, snack on Organic Blue Corn Chips, with Organic Humus. Maybe a handful of chips. But always have other food with it.
Dinner is usually grilled chicken or steak, with a steamed vegetable. Green beans, or broccoli. GSE with meal, and Candida Clear(Or OLE).
more exercise after.
Two servings of Oat bran, with coconut oil and almond butter at night.
Probiotics before bed.
I try to drink 4-5 bottles of filtered water daily. I squeeze a quarter of lemon in every bottle. Also started digestive enzymes before every meal, recently. Milk Thistle daily. Also been doing a week on and week off of daily enemas.
Any input would be great.

The biggest mistake you are making is ACV, next GSE. About the diet, Corn Chips, Organic Humus (?), and the almond butter must be totally sugar free.
ACV and GSE are probably the worst.