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I would like to fast for a couple days or so and see if my brain is more clear. Might start the fast tomorrow and drink teas and lime juice. I have done it before and did feel slightly more ok physically, but not much change brain wise.

I have a theory as to why all my physical symptoms have improved and went away but not my brain symptoms. I think it’s lack of sugar. The brain needs glucose but the candida feed on sugar so by starving the candida I’m also starving my brain. The bits of candida that are still there take the bits of sugar, so I think my brain symptoms won’t be gone until the candida problem is almost fully taken care of. Toxins also play a part but I think I use to be A LOT more toxic and still was able to think better, be creative, and feel some emotions, but I felt a lot of bad emotions too like anxiety. Then when I started the diet, and after die off, it’s like I don’t feel the bad or the good. It’s just nothing. So I think my brain is less toxic but also less glucose.

When I started the diet one of the first times, without taking antifungals, I had vivid magical dreams of flying and running from dragons and what not. But that lasted like a week then I didn’t seem to really dream anymore.

I think brown rice and beans have RS. I haven’t been eating that as much lately though. I’ll start again and also season it with turmeric which is an antifungal and also heard it helps with mood.