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Thnx Cat Lady & Raster 4 reply

@raster Nope. No meds or drugs. I did smoke some cigarettes, like 1 or 2 a day, I found it helped me relieve my bowel, it worked about a third of the time, but I don’t smoke now. I’ve heard about flax oil before but haven’t tried it yet. I think I’ll get some tomorrow and see how it works.

@cat Lady It’s nice to hear the dark feelings and thoughts will leave. I’ve been like this so long and my memory is so bad I don’t even know what it is going to be like when I finally wake up myself again. How long have you’ve been sick with candida and how was/is your memory? I just watched a vid Dr. Morse did on candida and will look at his products. I think he said something about cayenne, and read it’s a good antifungal, so I’ll try that.
I stopped taking coconut oil raw along with other antifungal to kinda give myself a break but Imma start taking it again along with garlic and pau d’arco. I have been taking ground flax seed in my kefir still. Should I take other flax on top of that? I only go about once a day so I’m thinking maybe try more flax, or add more spoons in kefir. I’m also taking an Omega 3-6-9 sup. which has some flax in it.