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Hello, Emijo, welcome to the forum.

First, you’ve been following the wrong protocol if you’re following the one on the website instead of the forum.

Your case is a perfect example of why I do not advocate brown rice until the second phase of the diet, which is usually six months or longer into the original diet. Regardless of what anyone believes or wants to believe, it will feed the Candida.

The Aqua Flora is a homeopathic Candida treatment, which I hold no stock in, at least not as far as a Candida albicans infestation is concerned because I believe that it only prolongs the infestation or makes it worse. It just doesn’t make sense to me since the idea of homeopathic medicine is to introduce the very pathogen which is making you sick into your system (Candida albicans in this case) in the hopes that more will cure you. But then, the people using this type of medicine are also using an antifungal in hopes of destroying the very ‘medicine’ they’re putting into their body.

The colonic irrigation therapy sessions are a big part of your problem. This is the same principle as taking a homeopathic medicine then destroying it with antifungals.
You’re taking probiotics and then having colonics which destroy and wash them from your intestines. To be honest, you may as well purchase a bottle of probiotics and pour it down your toilet.

Quote: I also have so much chronic muscle pain that is hard to deal with, but that could be school/computer work related.

Reply: You said you’re 32 years old; I’m 34 and work 9 to 10 hours a day six days a week, then I work on my computer until after midnight every night and go to a gym twice a week for work outs. I have no work or computer related pain whatsoever, neither should you at your age unless you have a disease causing it other than Candida. But if you suffer from ongoing Candida and die-off, then the pain is a symptom of a bad Candida infestation in which the Candida are typically dying and replenishing their colonies constantly; the pain you described is a textbook description of this taking place.

All the nuts you’re eating are allowing mold to enter your body and jeopardizing the treatment, and they also cause mucus production which also does not benefit the treatment. What do you use to make the protein shakes other than the almond milk?
For starters, don’t go by the instructions on the official website; instead, follow the protocol on the forum which the members are using. You can start to get it right by reading any/all of the posts below.

The Protocol:

Allowed Foods:

Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1

The brown rice breakfast cereal, blueberries, regular brown rice, and raspberries are all feeding the Candida, so plan on it hanging around until you stop giving them food and get the supplements right.