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Hello Emijo,

I would check out the following two posts:


As you can see, nuts and rice are not on our allowed foods list. Nuts contain molds and rice contains starch and small amounts of sugar. Same with almond milk (molds), apples (sugar), and tofu (nothing good). Tofu is pretty inflammatory. I ate sunflower seeds on the first 3 months of my diet and it only set me back. Same with all caffeinated beverages.

I’d say the main part of the problem is that you took a poor probiotic (threelac) which is like less than 5 billion per capsule and only 3 strains. Probiotics are the single most important thing you need for recovery; this is why we allow kefir or greek yogurt because they contain natural probiotics.

The second most important thing you need is plenty of rest. If you are getting like 6 hours sleep every night, your body is not going to heal properly. If you get between 8-9 hours of sleep every night, then you will recover much much faster.

If you are a smoker, drug user, or caffeinated beverage drinker; these will all set back your recovery as well.

My other suggestion is to rotate your diet as much as possible. Eat quinoa, black/red rice, buckwheat, oat bran a few times per week but not every day. If you do this the candida cannot adapt to your diet very well at all.

Same with meats; rotate lamb, chicken, turkey, buffalo, etc if possible so that the candida cannot adapt.

If you want to gain weight; I suggest eating 3-4 course meals (rotating the foods). Add in oat bran, buckwheat, coconut bread, kefir, salads to every meal (rotating) if possible.

A great long term anti-fungal I recommend is one called SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne research. This is an anti-fungal that candida cannot adapt to easily (it can adapt to almost any other one you have mentioned).

We also do not suggest the use of a multivitamin because you aren’t getting the proper ratio of vitamins you need to heal properly.

It can take as long as 6-18 months to fully recover from candida, so don’t feel let down on your progress! Its a struggle, but some day you can eat some foods and it won’t effect you.

Getting a human derived probiotic may be a good upgrade for you as well. Able recommends the megaflora one while I like HMF neuro.