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Vegan Catlady
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I agree with aprom-me totally.

I went 8 months without any coffee (just didnt desire it) and got a bad candida flare-up anyway.

Im drinking 1-2 cups a day now, and I have no reaction to it at all.

Coffee, if drank ritually in the morning or at stressful times of the day, can be a comfort food and get you through feeling like everything you enjoy is temp. taken away. Just the act of stress-relieving is beneficial to the adrenals.

Coffee does contain antioxidants.

All 5 hr energy does is wash down a B vitamin with some caffeinated chemicals 😉

They tell you to stay away from coffee because the caffeine raises blood sugar slightly.
5hr energy wouldnt be any different here.

Cream and maple syrup will wreck you,however,lol.
Consider So Delicious Coconut creamer (doesnt taste like coconut at all once in coffee) and a few tsp of coconut oil if you want something that has the essence of sweetness but isnt sweet. Coconut is antifungal. You could also try cinnamon in the coffee, or vanilla. None of these things have sugar…but can taste like there is some.

Cream and maple syrup are candida food.