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I just went to the gym yesterday after 2 exmas… 45 minutes interval cardio training and that really perked me up!

Raster: I find that Omegas usually bloat me, do you have that problem at all? I will definitely start drinking chamomile as well! My finace is active duty military right now so no sexual activity here, but I’m curious as to how the lack of sexual activity gains long term energy?? I thought I had more energy before he left… but I guess it could also be mental/emotional since it’s been a hugh change to not have him here. Unfortunately I cannot afford acupuncture. In my initial candida cleanse (4 years ago) I did about 5 colonics and I think that definitely sped up the process. Through research I found that candida resides in the colon as well, since I can’t afford the colonics right now, I think I might do at home ones.