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Thanks for replies. Thanks so much Sean.

I am taking Swedish Bitters, just one drop as you indicated somewhere. My stools are floating still even when I only eat greens. Although coconut oil etc is definitely fat!
I thought I should get some enzymes with only lipase as you said not to use cellulase in a post. I had a CT scan in 2009 which showed a fatty liver. Plus a pancreatic cyst. I haven’t had it checked since and no doctor seems to be bothered to check…

???***I have some Eagle – Digestaid, which is Betaine hydrochloride, Pancreatin, Pepsin and herbs. Looks like you think I could take them for digestion but what about the fat absorption? Do they work for fat? If not, what can I do about that?***???

None of my symptoms have improved except my nose which is a bit less sticky at times. Maybe I have been a little less anxious and smiling more.

I only had magnesium in my sports drink after the last two runs and had no discharge symptoms.

The school was great and I met 30 new friends. One made sure I had food I could eat every day. Awesome as I was surviving on avocados otherwise. Big feast for 60 last night and she made 5 salads I could eat and got some organic chicken for me!!

Also one of our instructors has cut out sugar and he says the immune system is lowered for 4 hrs after white sugar etc. Everyone had flu and colds and despite my lack of nutrition tiredness and lots of study I didn’t catch any of their colds!!

I went to the shops today and felt dizzy, fuzzy, off balance and had blurry vision. They are the symptoms I have been fighting since 2009.

I will keep going and hope for improvement.