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Thanks for the tip, Mrs. C. I will certainly look into that.

Alex, I’m pleased to hear you’re doing so well. I too am experiencing those ups and downs that you speak of (hence this thread). I think a lot of that, as you say, is dependent on me not properly listening to my body. I’ve stopped taking the oil of oregano and will not be returning to that again. I just can’t see the benefit in it if it kills beneficial bacteria. There appears to be too many battles going on in my body without me actively ingesting something that destroys good bacteria.

To add to your list, I think a great thing to do is meditate. Not only does meditation decrease stress and increase acceptance, it actively boosts the immune system. Moreover, it helps to give me that insight I need in order to effectively listen to my own body. I’ve been significantly upping my meditation recently and establishing a regular practice.

I really don’t mind that I’m not eating crap anymore. It’s just frustrating when I can’t go out for dinner with my girlfriend. Although I think its perhaps good from a financial perspective 🙂

I think I am still experiencing quite a bit of die-off today and yesterday, despite quitting the oregano. I think I have now narrowed this down to a change in kefir. I have just changed from 24 hour fermentation to 48 hours. I am rotating two batches on a daily basis to ensure that I can get my hit each night before bed (nothing better than a big glass of kefir and an episode of breaking bad). However, I think it is hitting me hard! I never would have thought kefir could have such a significant die-off effect, but my tell-tale die-off signs are persisting with feeling spaced out, being exhausted and having frothy urine! I hadn’t realised kefir contains caproic, caprylic, and capric acid, along with S Cerevisiae and a number of other candida-fighting effects such as the ability to increase the gut PH.