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Oh Cheesey, I am so sorry that you feel awful! I get very frustrated, too. My energy has been up a bit lately, but I have those moments, too about the diet for me. I try to take probiotics, anti-fungals, and I can sometimes run into major bloating, gas, and diarrhea mode. I can try to go, but I can’t most the time. Maybe it is due to the fact of no colon, too. Also, my intestines start rumbling so much; I hate it!!

That is why I contacted raster’s naturopath because I felt that I needed a very educated person to help me handle this better to find a balance in my life, so I can start doing things again.

I don’t know what else to say because I always have lots of questions myself most the time. I can’t seem to answer any either.

I know it is not recommended on this forum to take huge doses of certain vitamins, but I can’t live without starting my morning with taking some extra b12 and b-vitamins. I am deficient in iron and b-levels, so I think I have to take them. I take a co-enzyme form one that I feel is better absorbed into my body with breakfast; it says to take 2, but I only take 1. I know probiotics produce b-vitamins, but I really need this. It helps very much!! I guess that is just a thought.

Oh, one other thought, have you tried sweating out some toxins! Yes, I get worried about the skin exposure, but I tan sometimes, gets me extra vitamin D, and then I can sweat. It helps so much!!