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One Month Update:

Now on week five: Good news, my energy just came back! Feeling great! And I actually woke up three days in a row feeling happy! I can’t remember how long it’s been since I felt like that in the morning. I took both kids to the park all day and then to ikea (if you can believe it) and no problems!

(Sorry to be graphic here:) Still have really werid smelling gas now and then but my stools are floating instead of sinking now.

Overall, I’m looking way better! Dark circles under eyes are starting to fade. My skin is pinker. My fingernail got yellow again but didn’t get that much worse, I am soaking in watered down hydrogen peroxide (read about it online), we’ll see how that goes.

Eating: A lot of cucumbers, avocados, no more chicken but a tiny bit of red meat (not sure why chicken has bad effect, maybe bacteria?), green beans all the time (seriously, like 100 green beans a day), zucchini, spinach, FAGE full fat greek yogurt, coconut butter and coconut bread (the bread tastes like cardboard and has completely cured me of wanting it), seaweed, half of an apple a day. Can’t do eggs, raw almonds, chicken. However, made some almond bread and it didn’t effect me like raw almonds did, maybe the baking kills mold? I am now in the habit of making the exact same meals every day and taking them with me in tuperware wherever I go. I haven’t eaten out in over a month, very liberating! Once you decide that you can’t eat anything in restaurants anyway, you start enjoying making your own food.

Some cool things I learned: Olive oil is amazing – I put a few drops in my bath and I rub it in my skin at night. I rub it under my eyes and on my fingernail. My skin is silky smooth now. Also, I brush my teeth with baking soda and my teeth are really white, someone even asked me if I had them whitened. Toothpastes have sweeteners in them so you have to be careful.