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Sorry for the late reply people! 🙂

NiuBlau, I haven’t done any test of that kind, as unfortunately that is available only in the capital city (Belgrade) and I cannot afford to do it right now :/
But I definitely agree, I’ve heard it over and over that mercury is many times the reason for the whole immune system dysfunction and constant reoccurring of Candidiasis. Not to mention that I have 5 amalgam fillings + have held a broken neon bulb in my room for couple of years :S

I plan on staying on a less strict diet for as long as I can, lets say few more months. I don’t want to burden my mom any longer than that. But I certainly don’t plan on eating anything sweat/dairy/bread for couple of years (granny smith excluded).

Able, I’ve added this spice (I’ve just realized that it contains sugar :S dammit! but it’s probably a very small amount since the taste of it is everything but sweet).
Most kinds of meat, beans, this type of rice – and that’s pretty much it, everything else is the same, I even still eat buckwheat bread(Lucy Liu’s receipe) which is awesome. I still drink Kefir and still take probiotics of 20 billion bacteria.

Is that ok enough for a 2nd stage diet?