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Vegan Catlady
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stovariste;53223 wrote:

Low blood pressure can be a specific vitamin deficiency.


I have low blood pressure too.

Normally doctors dont treat low pressure, since it is not life dangerous. MD told me, your body is saving you for old days, as normally low pressure people live longer. I told her, whats the point of long living with low quality of life :-).

What do you do for your low pressure problem, and what are your major symptoms?

I have no symptoms of low blood pressure,but im told im just much lower than average 🙂

I did find it interesting however that after my blood panel was done, I was VERY low in vitamin D and my iron was a bit low.
So all I take right now is Vit D,iron, and biotin (which I read feeds yeast in a way, but keeps it in yeast form and inhibits the fungal form).

Remember too that if your found to be deficient in any vitamin/mineral, it affects the over-all balance and will depress the immune system (which is helping to kick out our candida overgrowth). Many people have issues with their copper/zinc balance.
That will screw with overgrowth,too.