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Faith wrote: Yes, as a douche. About 2 to 3 T of HP, the rest water. Yes, I think the SB will make a big difference! Woo Hoo!! I’m excited for you! Are you making your own Kefir yet? How about the Coconut Oil, are you taking that? Hope so, I think these things plus my probiotics have also been a big help!

Can’t wait to put the coconut oil back in-finishing the strict forum cleanse after today! 😀
Haven’t tried making kefir (never had it either). Will try it out this week. There’s just so much to learn re: how to do this…! Hopefully, I’ll be properly stocked and get the hang of it soon. Anything other than veggies will be like manna from heaven right now!!! Tomorrow I will go on the regular diet—counting the minutes…