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Yofi wrote:
The yeast infection was treated (not full recovery)with prescription cream and then maintained a frequent douche with apple cider vinegar (organic/w mother). Still wondering what to do about it. Not sure if I should use the diflucan or just keep playing things out as I am.

Constipation has improved, but is still not functioning properly. Should I do an enema on days that I can’t go? Today is the 1st day of the cleanse that seems blocked to that extent.

Chronic vaginal yeast infections is a typical sign of candidiasis, which is located in the colon. Topical treatment will only supress the symptoms but will not cure you. I wouldnt use enema’s as a tool to clear constipation since your gut can get lazy, but I would use it as a method to cure candida. There are different substances you can use for the enema’s, one such method I have described in my topic in general discussion.