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dvjorge wrote:

The yeast infection was treated (not full recovery)with prescription cream and then maintained a frequent douche with apple cider vinegar (organic/w mother). Still wondering what to do about it. Not sure if I should use the diflucan or just keep playing things out as I am.

Constipation has improved, but is still not functioning properly. Should I do an enema on days that I can’t go? Today is the 1st day of the cleanse that seems blocked to that extent.

Chronic vaginal yeast infections is a typical sign of candidiasis, which is located in the colon. Topical treatment will only supress the symptoms but will not cure you. I wouldnt use enema’s as a tool to clear constipation since your gut can get lazy, but I would use it as a method to cure candida. There are different substances you can use for the enema’s, one such method I have described in my topic in general discussion.

I am glad you have learned what this syndrome is about. We need to spread the knowledge to avoid suffering.
Chronic unresponsive vaginal candidiasis is consequence of a loaded immune system and a suppressed cell-mediated immunity. Most of times, this is caused by the presence of fungal colonies in the colon. Correcting it, allows the immune system to recover its proper balance and the vaginal candidiasis responds to regular therapies.
This is in fact what means Candida Related Complex.


Exactly, this is what I am experiencing right now. I feel like we were doing it wrong all this time with a starvation protocol like you see on so many websites – including this one – and people are suffering needlessly and wasting money on probiotics and supplements that dont work effectively because at least with severe cases the overgrowth base holds on in the colon. I have done it too, all the needless money wasting on this and that thats all supposed to cure me. Sure, it improves your health, but its not effective against deep seated candida. It doesnt work for severe cases, and with other cases its a slow grinding road, which is often prolonged because the strict diet is near impossible for a lot of people to follow for a long time. As soon as we hit the base of the candida in the colon hard with an antifungal or antipathogen substance, we’ll see major symptom improvement in a very short time.