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The supplements are the x-factor in any treatment plan and I don’t see some very important ones listed in your plan.

You lack liver supplements and this is very important to reduce die-off and die-off symptoms (to make you feel good daily). Molybdenum works great to protect the liver and kidneys. Something like super milk thistle x will cleanse your liver, while healing it as well. A lot of your symptoms are liver symptoms and this is critical to any recovery. An alternative to liver supplements would be to sweat out the toxins via the skin, which is the bodies largest organ up to 6 days per week. This can completely reduce or eliminate die-off symptoms and will aid in your recovery.

I would also stress that you do not need to do perform a ton of exercise on the diet; rest is the most important thing you need while healing your body. I would start out with light walks for the first 3-6 months until you get your legs back underneath yourself. Exercise drains the adrenals which you need for your immune system.

I don’t see enough digestive aids such as digestive enzymes, digestive bitters, or HCL (hydro-chloric acid). Additionally, I don’t see anything that will reduce the inflammation of the gut such as fermented cod liver oil which has natural ratios of vitamins A and D.

If you want to reduce brain fog, you need to detox the liver, removing toxins from the body, but another great supplement that works is essential fatty acids. You can find a food grade source of E3AFA’s and omega’s if you do some research.

Re-occurring yeast infections of the private parts is associated with candida existing in the kidneys, so if you want a long term way to reduce these, I would look at healing your kidney. The diet and protocol will help as well and you should notice things improve within a few months.

To reduce oral thrush, you can do oil pulling which pulls the toxins out of the body.

The sore throat is related to constipation and this can be improved via a variety of methods we’ve talked about on the forum.

Another thing you are missing is basic vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is by far the most important because the human body does not produce it and we don’t have much in this diet. There is a big difference between low and high grade vitamin C, so be sure to do some research before purchasing it. Minerals that are important include calcium, magnesium, selenium, and iodine.

As you get better you should introduce an antifungal such as SF722, black walnut extract, etc. Its good not to start out with these until you get yourself to a good point in your treatment.