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you remind me of myself during the beginnng of my treatment…always trying to plan ahead. I learned that you literally have to take it one day at a time. Stay focused on what you eat, the vitamin & mineral pills, the antifungals, and the probioitcs…but know that your body will become very weak during the first 2-4 months of your journey. I’m 4 months into the diet and my body is finally adapting to the diet and die off, where I have enough energy to get through an entire day and even enjoy extra activities, like going to a game, hunting, yoga, or golfing. But there is no way I could handle jogging right now. My bones and joints are not ready yet.

Your progress may be different that mine…it all depends on the level of your infestation and the cheats you might have on the diet. I’m just trying to paint a realistic picture here. I used to be in great shape, ran, lifted weights, took hardcore full body workout classes on my lunch breaks, etc. I had plenty of energy even while suffering from the condition. But it’s different when you eliminate sugar and carbs from your body. You will be weak, and I mean really really weak and tired for the first 2-3 months.

My advice is to be mentally prepared to encounter a lot of stress during the beginning…the first wall you break through will be the hardest challenge on your road to a cure. You will know when you break through the wall. I broke through mine at month 3, even though I still have many symptoms to eliminate/reduce.

During the beginning, you just need to rest your body and mind, and they will eventually come around.

With that said, after 4 months on the protocol, I FEEL my muscles waking up. I’ve gained 8-10 pounds back (lost 30 lbs within the first month on the protocol). I can see the fat returning to my butt cheeks, my face, and my shoulders…But I’m still waiting until all of my symptoms are eliminated until I start jogging…which I am very excited about.

Saunas help my brain fog, skin, sleep, dizziness, depression, and anxiety. I honestly don’t know how I would have functioned in the workforce without doing 3-4 saunas a week during the protocol. Your local YMCAs or other gyms will have a sauna. YMCA is affordable to most people.

Good luck!