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The problem is, while you have been doing the diet correct on some levels, you are still having plenty of bad items.

The number one thing I’d cut is seeds. Seeds contain plenty of molds/fungi that really set you back. I had sunflower seeds the whole 4 months of my diet, and once I stopped I noticed a big improvement.

The second thing I’d cut is butter. It is a dairy product and you are supposed to not have any dairy on the diet. A good alternative is coconut butter; it has the same texture and for me it fits the bill. Save the butter/dairy for the end of your treatment because it is not helpful at all.

Tomatoes and carrots contain plenty of sugars; tomatoes are actually considered a fruit. Carrots are one of the most sugary vegetables that there is! Really reduce the amount of natural sugars you eat; it is best to keep it under 25g a day.

Here is a site that shows the amount of sugars you eat per serving:

Gluten free is not the same as wheat free, sugar free, grain free, etc. Make some of the homemade breads that contain no bad ingredients. I saw some gluten free bread at the store and it had (gluten free) wheat, yeast, and honey! Not good for the anti-candida diet. Bob’s rice bran cereal is a good alternative because rice bran has the healthy part of the rice.

Also, rice contains gluten! It has low gluten, but still…if possible replace it with buckwheat and save rice for phase 2. Buckwheat has the same texture and tastes very similar (and no gluten). Same with rice milk; cut it if possible.

Are you eating any beef or pork? Beef and pork create ammonia in your gut, which is not helpful for the anti-candida diet. Stick to chicken, turkey, seafood if possible.

I don’t know much about carob, but it is placed in the soy category. It sounds like it is starchy, which definitely isn’t good.

Other ideas:
-Try the oil pulling (oral thrush post).
-Try sweating out the toxins in a sauna, hot tub, steam room, etc. Hot bath works also. This helps remove toxins from body.
-Get a good probiotic! Probiotics are the most important thing for the diet because you need to introduce good healthy flora to the gut. This will dramatically improve your health; the reason you have a candida problem is because there isn’t enough beneficial flora. If you can’t afford a probiotic, there are other ways to eat natural probiotic such as kefir.
-Get a vitamin D/Zinc/Magnesium/Calcium vitamin and maybe stop the multivitamin.
-Get high quality vitamins in general that contain no soy, high amounts of cellulose, maltodextrin and other fillers.
-Try some antifungals later in the diet. you can really waste a ton of money on these.
-Undeceonic acid is very helpful for killing off the candida and can be taken long term. Very strong!
-Contact a very good naturopathic doctor for a strong steady plan. Remember, they come like colors of of a rainbow, and they are good and bad ones. Look for one that has successfully treated candida numerous times.
-Digestive grape bitters help your digestion and are really effective. Get one without alcohol if possible.

Listen to some dr. mcoomb!

We (the forum members) will get you back on track, and watch out because you’ll feel a ton better!

Hope this helps!